Exam Schedule

1) External Exam:

University Exams will be conducted in the month of April / May & Nov / Dec.

Visit following link http://exam.unipune.ac.in/Pages/SchedulesTimetables.html#mgm

2) Internal Exam A.Y. 2017-18:

Second Internal exam of Second half of A. Y. 2017-18 will start from 02/04/2018 to 07/04/2018.

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3) MCA III Evaluation Schedule A.Y. 2017-18:

Schedule of Project and Practical exam of first half of A. Y. 2017-18 is as follows.

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4) Project and Practical Evaluation A.Y. 2017-18:

Project & Practical Evaluation of Class MCA I and MCA II for second half of A. Y. 2017-18

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